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How do I know which Survey is right for me?

The following gives a very brief overview of the different surveys available. When considering the possible purchase of the property the choices are as follows:

Full Building Survey

A full Building Survey on an average house will cost the order of £400 to £700. The Surveyor will normally look at the complete property and give a detailed opinion regarding the state of the building. This is probably now the most popular type of report. It is particularly suitable for older properties or properties which have had major alterations over the years or properties which appear to have problems that need further investigation.

Home Buyer Survey Report

A Home Buyer Survey Report on an average house will cost in the order of £300 to £400. This type of survey is usually suitable if the house is of modern straight forward construction and has not had any major alterations carried out.

An insurance valuation is included; i.e. the minimum amount that the property should be insured for (often called ‘bricks and mortar’ insurance), but it does not address the question of market value.

General Structural Inspection

A General Structural Inspection on an average house will cost the order of £300 to £600. The inspection will concentrate only on the structural aspects of the building (foundations, walls and roof). It is often useful if the prospective purchaser is intending to carry out a total refurbishment and hence will be replacing the interior decoration and all the services (plumbing, electrics etc).

Specific Structural Inspection

A Specific Structural Inspection is sometimes called for when you have already had some sort of survey and the surveyor has identified a potential structural problem and recommends further investigation. It should be noted that if a surveyor is requested to look at a specific crack in a building then he / she will not necessarily look at any other part of the building.

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